- October 18th 2019 -

  • SO many things! First, check out the latest review for “Remission” from Crazy United Online Zine out of Germany, right here or in my press section!

  • For those who don’t know, I sing for a Bouncing Souls cover band called The Hopeless Bromantics, we had a show at the monthly 3 for 3 Thursdays at the Hole In The Wall last night with our friends in BROFX and The Graveyard Brofriends. It was a killer show.

  • I’m departing for my Germany and Czech “Restless Heart Tour” on October 28th. Follow this link for more info!

  • The next Revelry show is on October 26th to celebrate the release of the 6th studio album from Nowherebound (my other band), and it’s a killer record and I’m stoked to be able to say that I’ve been a part of two great releases this year! Click here for the event page!

  • Thanks, travel well!

Flier by Jeremy Parker at  PRL Creative

Flier by Jeremy Parker at PRL Creative

- September 24th 2019 -

Artwork by Chris Klinck at  CK Graphics

Artwork by Chris Klinck at CK Graphics

  • Hey, friends! It’s been a minute, quite a lot going on in the last few weeks so I apologize for the delayed update.

  • My new album “Remission” is out now and streaming all over the internet and people seem to be responding quite well to it. Check out my PRESS section for some reviews of the record.

  • Now that the album is out, the band and I (Dylan Disaster and The Revelry) have been playing shows and it feels awesome to be out with the full band and making noise! Our next show is October 26th to celebrate the release of the new Nowherebound record “Mourning Glory”!

  • Additionally we’re participating for the “Music for The March” fundraisers taking place in November that are in support of the march on the capital for women’s rights that is taking place early 2020. We get to play at the Hole In The Wall event, click here to check that out!

  • I think that’s about it for now, friends, thanks for checking in, we’ll see ya out there!

- AUGUST 31st 2019 -

  • It’s finally here! It’s album release day! REMISSION is now available on all of your favorite streaming devices and you can purchase a digital copy on my Band Camp page (until I figure out how to sell it here), Amazon, Itunes, Cdbaby, whatever. You can however order physical copies of the vinyl directly from me from the merch section of this website!

  • If you didn’t check out my Facebook page yesterday then you might have missed the exclusive streaming premiere on Puregrainaudio.com. They posted the album for people to listen a day early and they even did a write up that included an interview with me talking about the record. Click that link up there and check it out!

  • I also got a nice review from The Daily Tune!

  • I also got some new Dylan Disaster and The Revelry shirts, you can also find that in the merch section on this page!

  • Last but not least, tonight is the album release party at Stars at Night Fest at Kick Butt Coffee! I can’t wait to bring the full band out tonight to celebrate the release of this record! We go on at 11:45 but we’ll be there all day hanging out with all of the other rad bands that are playing.

  • Thank you guys for checking in, I hope you dig my new record!

  • Travel well, friends.

REMISSION  out now!

REMISSION out now!

- AUGUST 27th 2019 -

Artwork by Phillip Nichols

Artwork by Phillip Nichols

  • Ayo! Album release day is less than week away and I can’t wait! This past Saturday at Black Sparrow in Taylor was super rad, the band (go like our page ;-) Dylan Disaster and The Revelry) came out and played a “few” songs with me to give the full band thing a trial run, it went well.

  • I had some trouble with my distribution so I put my second single up for your listening pleasure here! Check it out, the song is called “Sun Came Rising”!

  • I started getting some reviews in for “Remission”, pop on over to my press section to check it out!

  • Thanks for checking in, see you guys at Stars at Night Fest this Saturday August 31st for the album release!

- August 14th 2019 -

  • I’m back! Rebellion was amazing, I had the most wonderful time exploring England, I hope to go back soon! Thank you so much to the Almost Acoustic Stage and everyone who hung out and watched my set.

  • While I was away I dropped the video for my first single “Milestone”, scroll down to check it out!! The song itself is available for streaming all over the internets!

  • I also got the vinyl in the mail, the record is here! Come out on August 31st to Kick Butt Coffee in Austin, TX to get yourself a copy! Stars at Night Fest baby!

  • I’ll be dropping the second single here in about a week or so, no video for this one but the track should get you hyped, it’s called “Sun Came Rising”.

  • I’ve added a few shows to my shows section as well. In addition to the full band album release show, I’ll be playing at Black Sparrow Music Parlor in Taylor Texas again, and The Revelry and I will be playing for a friend’s birthday show in September at Kick Butt Coffee.

  • Lastly, I got my press section up and running. Check it!

  • Thanks for checking in! Be sure to scope the new video!

- July 24th 2019 -

Flier by Chris Klinck at  CK Graphics

Flier by Chris Klinck at CK Graphics

  • Tour has been wild! Having a grand time out here but I’m closing in on the end, three shows left before heading to Rebellion! Tonight I’m in Laramie, WY! Click here to live stream the show!

  • While out here, I dropped the teaser video for the first single off of my new album. The song is called ‘Milestone’! Check it out below! The full video is premiering on July 31st, so tune in!

  • Lastly, I got the flier for the album release show on August 31st! Release show is August 31st at Stars at Night Fest!

  • Thanks for checking in, see ya out there!

Promo video for the track 'Milestone', the first single off of Dylan Disaster's sophomore album 'Remission', which is being released through Travel Well Records, Stars at Night, and Ring of Fire Records on August 31st 2019. Full video premiere is on July 31st! Directed by John Hale at Rival Studios.

- July 14th 2019 -

  • Today is tour kick off day! I’m having a little going on the road show down at the ol’ Kick Butt Coffee with some dear friends of mine, Natchet Taylor, Brady Black, and a combo set from Joey Blowy and Kevy! I made a little video to promote it. Check it out here!

  • Tour starts on Tuesday and I’m very excited about it! First stop is in Dallas at Guapo Skatepark with Ben Mccraken, Fatty Daze, Bad Hombres, and The Here and Now! Event page!

  • The video for my first single ‘Milestone’ is done and ready to launch on July 31st! Teaser video coming reeeeaaal soon!

  • Lastly, I’ve been working hard with the full band ‘The Revelry’ to get ready for the album release on August 31st! Here’s a pic of the dudes and I! Thanks for stopping in and head on over to my tour section to check out the dates on this up and coming run!’


- June 24th 2019 -

These dudes right here make up my band “The Revelry”. Left to right we got Guido Crimes, Austin Mitchell, William Thomas Days the fifth, then there’s me, and Jordan Leake is missing. Thankful for the dudes for making my band sound fucking killer!

These dudes right here make up my band “The Revelry”. Left to right we got Guido Crimes, Austin Mitchell, William Thomas Days the fifth, then there’s me, and Jordan Leake is missing. Thankful for the dudes for making my band sound fucking killer!

  • We filmed a music video for my first single ‘Milestone’ off my upcoming album ‘Remission’ yesterday and it was awesome! Going to be dropping a teaser this week and video premiere some time in July! Thank you John Hale of Rival Studios, you do some great work!

  • Tour is getting close, be sure to check out the dates for my Road To Rebellion Acoustic Tour kicking off July 14th!

  • I added a new section to the website titled “Other Bands” to show off some of the work I’ve done in other bands that I either sang or played guitar for!

  • Last but not least, test presses for the record came in this week and they sound great, production for the final product is now underway!

  • Thanks! Check back real soon for a promo for my new video!

- June 17th 2019 -

  • THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO MY KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!! My project was fully funded and things are moving forward! I can’t express my gratitude enough for all the help, it means so much to me. It is incredibly humbling to have so many people reach out and want to help me achieve my goals. Thank you all again, I’ll be sending out rewards in August after tour.

  • In regards to completing my Kickstarter campaign, I’ll be moving forward with all of my plans starting with shooting a music video for the first single from my upcoming album this weekend. The single is called “Milestone” and I’ll be working be working with John Hale from Rival Studios.

  • More good news today, I got my set time for Rebellion this morning. I’ll be playing on Saturday August 3rd at the Almost Acoustic Stage. Come hang!

  • Lastly, the test presses for my new album are in the mail. I’ll be getting them this week! So excited! Expect a live stream video of me listening to it!

  • Thanks again friends, travel well!


- June 8th 2019 -

Hey, I launched myself a Kickstarter campaign to get me through this final push for releasing my new album. Follow this link ———> KICKSTARTER Thanks!


- June 5th 2019 -

  • Fun stuff! I got added to a mini Texas tour with Greg Turner from Angry Samoans and some friends of mine! Check out the dates in my shows section!

  • My record is now in the test pressing stage! Official release date is August 31st, 2019 through Stars at Night, Travel Well Records and now Ring of Fire Records out in Germany! I’ll be playing at Stars At Night fest on August 31st with the full band to celebrate the release, more details on that to come!

- June 1st 2019 -

  • Official dates for my Road to Rebellion Acoustic tour are up now, head on over to the tour page for more info. This bad ass flier was done by my good friend Phillip Nichols, click his name to check out more of his rad stuff! See ya on the road!

  • Also, super excited to announce that I’ll finally be releasing my new record at the end of the summer through Travel Well Records and Stars At Night! We’ll have an official announcement in the next week or so. Stay Tuned!

- May 27th 2019 -

  • Hey, everybody! Welcome to my website, where you can find all things Dylan Disaster! This is my first post here, obviously, and I’m still working some stuff out so be kind! Click around, check out some videos, listen to my first record, check out show dates, etc. Let me know what ya think! And being this is the “news” section, might as well include some news . . .

  • I was officially announced to play Rebellion Festival in Blackpool UK this year. I am very excited to be sharing the acoustic stage with some rad people! Hope to see you out there!

  • Also, I’ll be touring through the mid-west in July, check out the dates here . . . Mid-west summer tour.

  • I’ve got a few local shows coming up too, click here!

  • Thanks, friends! Travel Well!

Click here to visit  RebellionFestivals.com

Click here to visit RebellionFestivals.com