Dylan was asked to fill in as a bass player on Nowherebound’s first full band European tour in January 2015. Shortly thereafter he was fixed as a permanent member. In Spring of 2015, Dylan played his part in recording Nowherebound’s fourth full length record, titled “All We Got Is Everything To Lose” and a 12 inch acoustic split with their European friends “Rock Shit Hot” along with an acoustic European tour to boot. In 2016 Nowherebound released their fifth full length album, titled “Hearts and Arrows” with two European tours to support, one in the summer of 2016 and one in the spring of 2017. In 2018 Nowherebound recorded their sixth full length album which is slated for a fall release in 2019. Nowherebound is still a rockin!


Revenants was formed in 2010 by Dylan Disaster and Allen Dennard (the former lead singer). Revenants released a six song EP that hit Austin by storm. In 2011 Allen left the band and Dylan stepped up as the lead vocalist. In 2013 Revenants became Buried Cities in accordance with the release of their debut self-titled full length album. In 2016 Buried Cities released their second full length album titled “The Good Fight” and embarked on their first European tour in support of the record. In 2017 Buried Cities released a split vinyl with Knockin Bones (another band Dylan was in at the time) titled “Leaps and Bounds” with another European tour to support the record. In 2017 Buried Cities was put on an indefinite hiatus while Dylan focused on his latest solo album and the rest of the band pursued other things in life.

Knockin’ Bones was founded by Marc Alan (formerly of Bass Line Bums) at the end of 2014 after the Bums split up. Marc soon there after asked Dylan to join the band as they had been speaking about playing music together for years. Knockin’ Bones recorded a 4 song EP in February 2015 and hit the road soon thereafter. After two years of touring and playing local shows, Knockin’ Bones recorded their side of a 12 inch split with Buried Cities titled “Tried and True” along with their first European tour to support the vinyl. Knockin’ Bones also went on an extended hiatus in 2017 while Dylan pursued his solo career, Marc pursued his solo career and Nathan pursued his band The Butts. Knockin’ Bones still get together to play a few times a year, most recently in January 2019.

The Hopeless Bromantics

Plain and simple, this is Dylan’s Bouncing Souls cover band (he is the vocalist) that features members from other local Austin bands such as Threes Away, Sorted Scoundrels, and The Butts. They still play shows to this date.

Street Lions was formed in 2010. After many many line up changes, somewhere in the year 2013, Dylan was asked to play drums for these animals. In December 2014, the legendary Street Lions recorded their first full length album, then released it, then disappeared. Street Lions never officially broke up, they seem to always pop back up every now and then. Keep an eye out.